Dr. Sotiropoulos Jean-Marc  / Personal Data

 Jean-Marc Sotiropoulos was born in Toulouse FRANCE, in 1963 and studied chemistry at the University Paul Sabatier Toulouse, where he obtained his Ph.D. degree (Research supervisor: Dr. Guy Bertrand). After a postdoctoral position with Prof. Dr. K. Seppelt at the FU Berlin as A.v. Humbolt fellow, he joined the CNRS in the Université de Pau et des Pays de l'Adour to mainly work on reactive species from the group 13, 14, 15, their electronic properties and reactivities. He also contributes to the developpment of new photoelectron system.

These activities are focused following three main areas:
 - Structure and Reactivity in vapor phase
 - Relationship Electronic Structure - Reactivity
 - Technological Development

The formation of intermediate molecules (or not), and the processes involved in reactions often raise questions among synthetic chemists. Our group can, in an original way, shed light on these issues.

The coupling between UV photoelectron spectroscopy and quantochemistry represents a tandem that is proving to be very powerful, allowing comprehensive responses to the systems studied. Compared to the explanations of observed phenomena, we go further, focusing us to rationalize new syntheses based on substituents in a series of reactions.
 Unusual compounds - Bonding and electronic properties - Reactivity studies -
Spectroscopy and Theoretical investigations
Particular emphasis is placed on the unusual reactive compounds of the main group elements. Our lab possesses three UV-Photo Electron Spectrometers to realize these topics, and particular couplings are used to generate such elusive species (Thermolysis for example). The key to success in this work is the capability to characterize rapidly these species before they polymerize…. All our apparatus are specially equipped with system which avoid rearrangement and allow an iso-kinetic transport of the molecules. In order to interpret the spectra, laboratory results are studied in combination with modern theoretical methods.  
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